Steve from PageDart

Hi! My name is Steve. Back in the 90’s, I got my first taste of the internet. I could not wait to get online, sitting at my parent's computer with the noise of that 56k modem. What would I discover today once I was online? Unfortunately, my time on the internet was always cut short (it was very expensive) and being a kid I had homework or chores to do. If only the internet was faster.

Luckily for me, my passion turned into my career and I was soon working in London as a web developer. My first job was creating one-page websites during the .com boom in the late 90’s. Looking back, the websites we were building were just HTML and CSS. So simple, lean and fast.

Over time as internet speeds increased, so did the size of the websites. They were more sophisticated, complex. As a result, we needed analytics, A/B tests and we personalized the experience. In short, the webpages we built for the broadband era were overweight.

Rise of Mobile

The next big shift was mobile apps, they changed the way we consumed the internet. My passion for shiny things led me to become an iOS developer. In contrast, the web needed to evolve to keep up. I quickly realized, the web was my passion and I wanted to improve the mobile experience. We should give our customers great user-experience regardless of the device, which led us to build responsive websites.

Fast forward to today and the mobile web is more popular than ever, growing faster and outperforming desktop. In many ways, today's mobile web is like those early days of dial-up, where connection speeds are slow. So, we need to make our websites simple, lean and fast again, loading quickly for our customers (increasing conversion and revenue).

How we can help

I'm passionate about the web and everything it does for us. This site is to help make the web as fast as it can be. Our mission is to demystify the techno-jargon that is in the web world and offer clear advice and best practices. Let's make your website fast on every device.

And oh is this website fast, you bet it is!

If you would like to know more or have a question please contact me at or use the contact page